The wisest choice you can make to become an elite industry expert.
We’re building America’s brightest, most informed and most sought-after financial and insurance industry experts. We mean you.
We’ve all been there. Frustrated because we want to be the industry’s best for our clients, but you have also have zero time and patience to do this.

The regulations in some states have become stiffer than ever and can be difficult to navigate – depending on the type of course you’re taking. Then there’s the exam you might have to take at the end (yay). Additionally, some of the topics you really want to take time on (when you’re not on deadline) are truly complex and hard to understand. We feel your pain – completely (trust us). It ’s why we created Celevi CE.

Now you can broaden, deepen, expand
and refresh your industry knowledge
quickly, efficiently and affordably.

We know your dream. Very well.
You’re empire-building. You’re building a legacy for yourself and your family. And as such, you’d much rather be out meeting people, making deals happen and improving your client ’s lives than sitting in a classroom listening to financial lectures all day. That ’s why Celevi created these elite, masterful online courses that you can take – on your own time – whether you’re at a café, at your home office or on a flight to LA.
You’re here because you’re not the average, run- of-the-mill agent. You’re here because you want to be the best, and the best have a special wisdom not everyone else seems to have. Celevi is your secret weapon to becoming an industry expert.
Celevi’s education tools are refreshingly interesting and efficient!

No more boring course material that makes you want to bury your head in the sand. When you’re really trying to learn a subject – especially the complex ones – you need to make sure you’ve really got it. Because, after all, it ’s not just about the CE’s. It ’s about becoming the industry elite.

Meet Celevi’s founder:

Afia V. Taylor

Originally from Ohio, Afia has been a licensed financial and insurance professional for over a decade and has hands-on, in the field, real-life experience as a super agent. She’s won numerous industry awards, taught and trained thousands of other agents over the years, was sought after by the State of Maryland to advise the state’s Insurance Commissions office and now – has started Celevi CE: to extend her reach and be able to train even more outstanding agents to become among the very best in the field.

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If you're looking for a stellar, one-stop shop for all of your life-insurance training needs, Celevi CE is it! The staff are knowledgeable and professional and they are always ready to offer assistance when needed. They go above and beyond to make sure their client's needs are well-served. I highly recommend it!

Dionne Parker
Financial Services Professional
Laurel, MD